About Zeolite


This section provides general and technical information about zeolite, the mineral that is rapidly becoming such an important and necessary part our health and wellbeing.

What is Zeolite describes the mineral in general terms.

Why is it called zeolite tells the story of how the mineral derived its name.

Formation and Types explains in detail how zeolites are formed, their location, the three basic types and the difference between natural and synthetic zeolites.

Structure describes in detail how and why zeolite is very effective at filtration and purification of fluids and why it has such excellent chelation (detoxifying) properties.

Cations and Cation Exchange explains what is a cation, why are they so important and what is meant by zeolite’s cation exchange capacity.

Why We Use Only Australian Zeolite. We use a particular type of zeolite mined from only one location in Australia. We go on to explain why we believe this zeolite to be the best available in the world for pharmaceutical or medical use.

Chemical Analysis is a pdf document which displays the test results of the zeolite we use carried out by Australia’s premier independent scientific organisation.

Zeolite’s Other Uses sets out the many other industrial activities where zeolites are now used.

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