What is ZeoActiv8™?
ZeoActiv8™ is a 100% natural, health and nutritional supplement utilising Australian ‘clinoptilolite’ zeolite suspended in a base of pure distilled water, minerals and natural preservatives. It has been prepared using a proprietary researched and developed Australian process which provides a method for the absorption and removal of particles and cations from body fluids.

Where does the Zeolite come from?
All our products only use a particular zeolite which is sourced from only one location in Australia. If you require more information about its source click here <why Aust zeolite>

How is ZeoActiv8™ used?
The zeolite in ZeoActiv8 is suspended in a liquid base so that it can be easily distributed throughout the body’s intestinal system where it is able to absorb positive charged particles and cations and remove them out of the body as part of the natural body functions.

What does sub-micronisation mean?
Sub-micronisation Is the process of reducing the size of the zeolite particles from a mine processing size of 40 to 50 microns to an average of only 0.8 of a micron. The process does not involve grinding which would leave small particles of the grinding machinery in the liquid. The sub-micronise process greatly increases the surface area of the zeolite allowing it to absorb far more particles than if it were not sub-micronised. For a fuller explanation Click <sub micronisation>

If Zeolite can remove harmful toxins from the body, can it also carry away valuable vitamins and minerals?

Yes, zeolite will absorb and carry out of the body all particles that have a positive charge. Luckily, most metals and inorganic compounds (we will called them ‘toxins’) have high positive charges and will be drawn into the zeolite before lower charged positive particles. However zeolite has

Most vitamin and mineral supplements do not carry any charge and therefore are not attracted to the zeolite. For a more detailed explanation on how zeolite works and its unique ‘cation exchange capacity’ which absorbs toxins and leaves electrolytic salts click <cations>

If I take ZeoActiv8 what should I notice?

You should experience a better balance in pH levels throughout the body which will then allow your natural immune system to work harder and better for you.

In the case where ZeoActive8 is prescribed or recommended by your Medical Practitioner or Health Care Professional as an adjunct aid to treat a specific health care issue the chelating effects of ZeoActiv8 combined with its ability to release salts into the body may have a noticeable effect in efficacy and symptom relief.

Given that we have all had relatively different exposures to varying levels of toxins, from the food we eat to the environment we live in, there is a wide variety of responses from people who take ZeoActiv8 for reasons ranging from specific ailments to general beneficial health and well-being concerns.

If I take ZeoActiv8 to restore or maintain health, do I need to do anything else?
ZeoActiv8 is NOT a magic bullet by itself. It has no beneficial Antioxidant or Mineral claims to make as an ingredient. Used by itself it will work as an effective chelating agent only, therefore helping to restore pH balances to assist the natural immune system. Taken in conjunction with other medications, vitamins and mineral supplements it will have a much more beneficial effect in delivering these antioxidant or mineral boosters that your system may be requiring. 

So, YES!  If your daily dietary intake of food essentials is lacking, you can take a supplement. If by prescription seek your Medical Practitioner’s advice on what sort of supplement you should be taking.

If Zeolite is so effective as a Chelating Agent, why has no information been published before now?

Actually zeolite has been used for centuries in various forms by many native groups. A specific instance was in China where 800 years ago it was regularly used by women wanting to ‘cleanse’; before falling pregnant.  There are many examples of anecdotal evidence like this but it was not till last century that zeolite took on real acclaim in industrial usages to more effectively filter and purify liquid products. The wide ranging beneficial effects of zeolites’ have been proven in tests in animal husbandry, agriculture, water purification and even nuclear waste reprocessing.

It has only been in the last 50 years that zeolite has been considered for medicinal, health and well-being purposes. The reason for this is that

1 - the detailed medical information has become available about the pH acid balance of the body, the importance of detoxification and the discovery of many new diseases within the body;

2 - the knowledge that we now live in a very toxic world with all the pollution in our environment which didn’t exist before the industrial revolution;

3 - the understanding about positive and negative ions and toxins and how they interact and damage the body; and

4 - the ability of science to track and measure all the above and the interrelationship of toxins, essential minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and diseases of the body.

You claim that you sub-micronise zeolite? Is ZeoActiv8 made up of nano-particles and if so, what benefits do they offer?

Yes we do sub-micronise our zeolite (click <manufacture> to learn why) as we have observed that a smaller particle size has a greater absorption potential and a higher cation exchange capacity<cations>. The sub-micronised zeolite becomes far more efficient in its absorption action and delivery of mineral salts.

To quickly understand what sub-micronised means, imagine a piece of zeolite the size of a deck of cards. If the deck of playing cards was on a small table, the deck would not take up very much space (area) at all. However, if you were to spread the cards out around the table, the table’s surface area could be completely covered in cards.
ZeoActiv8 is processed to have an average particle size of 0.8 of a micron which exposes vastly more of the angstrom sized cages which form the honeycomb shaped structures that zeolites are composed of. It would be the same as separating our deck of playing cards and spreading them all over the table.  The zeolite particles are many times more effective, stay within the intestinal tract, and pass out of the body naturally.
However, we continue to undergo rigorous experimentation and nano sized particles is one of the major focuses of our research efforts.

Tell me more about other uses for zeolite

Zeolites in industry have wide and varied uses, click here <uses>

Perhaps the largest consumer of zeolites is the petrochemical industry as zeolite is used as a catalytic cracker. Zeolite catalysts save the petrochemical industry billions of dollars per year as well as dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emissions. (A catalyst, in being something that speeds up a reaction, usually without causing any apparent harm to the host substance).

Swimming pools are a huge consumer of zeolite filters to capture toxins such as ammonia within the pump’s return cycle.

Agriculture use zeolites to increase food harvests by adding to the soil. The zeolite holds mineral nutrients and much of its own weight in water. This allows slow release of water and nutrients to be used by the plants root systems when it is most needed as well as providing the cation exchange in release of fertilisers for the electrical stimulation of root assimilation.

Animal feeders use zeolites for numerous reasons including strengthening the skeletal system of racehorses and are excellent for use by veterinarians.
NASA use zeolites for growing foods in space. Hydroponically, as this method massively out-performs soils etc.  NASA also use zeolites to protect delicate components from possible corrosive gasses that could cause a malfunction in space etc.

Zeolites are used to absorb emissions from the end of road tunnels to capture toxic carbon monoxides and benzenes. The zeolite acts as a catalyst to converting gasses back to oxygen. Nuclear waste industries use zeolites to contain spills and absorb contaminated waste.

On a domestic level, zeolites are used as kitty litter as they are a super moisture and odour absorber. Several hundred million tons of zeolite are used each year to make our detergents more effective in washing our clothes. Zeolites break down the surface tension of the water, to the effect that it makes the water wetter. Zeolite replaces the need to use tripolyphosphates in detergents.

Was zeolite used in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster as a decontamination agent?
Yes!  Apparently it was dumped via helicopter over the immediate area to absorb radiated pollutants and then scooped up and transferred elsewhere for disposal.

Does ZeoActive8 reduce the cravings for tobacco intake?
There has been no recognised clinical trials conducted on these claims, yet some comments and questions from users in reduction of their cravings for tobacco have been received.  We wish them well on reduced cravings but cannot assist with actual clinical data. We can only comment on the chelating benefits ZeoAvtiv8 may offer smokers in reducing possible toxin levels, especially when taken with recognised antioxidants and mineral supplements.

Can someone take too much ZeoActiv8 at one time?

For most people there are no side effects. This is a safe chelation product; refer to <science & safety>.

Zeolite is similar to all other vitamins and mineral supplements. If you take more than your body can utilise and absorb, the unused liquid will simply pass out of the body naturally.

However, chelation processes have a large and varying affect on different individuals, if you have any concerns we recommend that you consult your Doctor or Health Care Professional.  If other health concerns arise due to chelation processes please discontinue use immediately of ZeoActiv8 and also consult you medical advisor.

Some users have remarked that they became quite thirsty. Just simply drink more water. Under normal circumstances everyone should drink up to 3-5 or more litres per day.

If Clinoptilolite zeolite is such a super absorbent, even to air-borne toxins, would zeolite from the source not also contain contaminants?

The Australian Zeolite used in ZeoActiv8 is free from all man made contaminants though it contains some natural impurities which are found in all natural zeolite.. It is from a very pure source located in a pristine site, away from power stations, manufacturing plants, crop growing areas that may use herbicides. Click <why Australian zeolite>

Does your company ensure that ZeoActiv8 is a pure product?

Not only do we only use our clinoptilolite zeolite from a pristine source in Australia, we also undergo an extensive and elaborate series of washing, cleansing, purifying and sterilizing to ensure that you receive the purest form with the highest functional ability. Click <manufacture>

ZeoActiv8 is produced to full GMP standards in Government approved premises using the highest quality equipment. It is approve in Australia as ‘non hazardous’ and newly hosted in the USA on the GRAS equivalalents list.

What is the difference between Clinoptilolite zeolite and other zeolites, how many zeolites are there?

There are 48 naturally forming zeolites. There are also many forms of synthetic zeolites manufactured for different specific purposes in industry. Click <formation/types>.

However, naturally forming clinoptilolite is now being researched as one of the best purifiers in the newer fields of medical advancements. It has been recognised as having the best structure for medical uses. Negatively charged, it has he ability to carry good ingredients into the body, and at the same time carry away harmful other positively charged ingredients. It seems now that clinoptilolite has the highest cation exchange and therefore it has the highest functional ability for newly interested medical purposes and concerns.

Can I buy a better zeolite formulation?
In our opinion no. Most other zeolite products do not have the purity of our zeolite, the quality of zeolite, nor is their zeolite sub-micronise.

We ensure that we follow our formulation and manufacturing protocols from source to final manufacture.

Are there any drawbacks or side effects?
None that we are aware of. Zeolite has been used in so industrial and domestic uses and no deleterious claims have been lodged with any authorities.

Can children safely take ZeoActiv8?
Our children live in the same toxic world that we do. ZeoActiv8 is safe for children. If for specific conditional reasons consult your Medical Practitioner or Health Care Professional.

Can ZeoActiv8 safely be taken by pregnant or nursing women?
Yes as it is nontoxic it does not react with any fluids within the body. It only draws in and eliminates (carries out) positive ions and other toxic particles.

How long does ZeoActiv8 remain in the body?
Only so long as the normal intake of food and digestion process takes. It then passes out of the body naturally.

Can I take too much ZeoActiv8?
ZeoActiv8 is non-toxic and has no documented side effects. Any ZeoActiv8 not utilised will pass out of the body naturally.

However it is wise to keep dosage levels as recommended by us unless advised by your Medical Practitioner or Health Care Professional that higher dosages are required.

Should ZeoActiv8 be taken with food or on an empty stomach?
It is better to take ZeoActiv8 about two hours either side of normal meals. The reason is that the food will make it more difficult for the positive cations to find the zeolite. We suggest that it be taken just before bed or first thing in the morning and it would be better not to take it at the same time with other mineral supplements.

It is best taken in a small glass of water or juice although it can be taken neat. Remember to increase water intake during the day – up to 8 standard glasses of filtered water.

Why is detoxification of my body important?
The average person is exposed to more toxins through water and air pollution, household cleaning supplies, pesticides, disinfectants and food additives. According to the EPA, 70,000 chemicals are used commercially in the U.S., 65,000 of which are potentially hazardous to our health. The Environmental Defense Council reports that more than four billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment each year, including 72 million pounds of known carcinogens. These toxins are strongly correlated with the occurrence of a wide range of diseases, including cancers, birth defects, and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, autism, and dementia. In the world we live in today, detoxification is essential to prevent disease and create optimal health.

What kinds of toxins are in our bodies?
PCBs, dioxins, phthalates, DDT, and furans are just some of the chemicals that are commonly found in human tissue and blood. A 2003 study by Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Commonweal, and the Environmental Working Group identified a total of 167 hazardous compounds in the blood and urine of American adults (with an average of 91 per person tested), including 76 known to cause cancer, 94 that are toxic to the nervous system, 82 that damage the lungs, 86 that affect hormone function, and 79 that cause birth defects.

Included among these compounds were highly toxic heavy metals such as lead, aluminium, and mercury, and numerous herbicides and pesticides. A similar study the following year by the Environmental Working Group found 287 industrial chemicals in babies' umbilical-cord blood – with an average of 200 chemicals in each newborn tested – including 180 known to cause cancer and 217 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.

These tests are part of a new field of scientific study known as body burden analysis, and the findings are truly frightening. The October 2006 issue of National Geographic magazine has full details of toxins in our homes.

How does ZeoActiv8 differ from classic chelators that may pull heavy metals and toxins out of the body?
Some Classic chelating agents are non-specific in terms of what they attract. For example, one commonly used chelator attracts anything that has a +2 charge. Thus, it takes lead out of the body but also eliminates calcium and magnesium, necessitating supplementation. ZeoActiv8's negatively charged zeolite cage attracts minerals and toxins that have a positive charge, but its attraction is also based on molecular structure and size as well as other factors. Therefore, it attracts and eliminates lead but not calcium or magnesium.

ZeoActiv8's effect on the body is milder than that of classic chelators. ZeoActiv8 removes toxins by drawing the cations into the zeolite's molecular cage. It effectively inactivates the cations, preventing them from further reacting with the body as they are being expelled. (That reactivity is common with other chelators and is popularly called a detox syndrome or healing crisis.)

The heavy metals and other toxins bound up by ZeoActiv8 are unable to do any damage to the kidneys or bladder in the process of being eliminated as the majority of the ZeloActiv8 remains in the intestinal system. The only consequential reaction that ZeoActiv8 is documented to cause is slight dehydration, which is easily prevented or remedied by drinking water throughout the day.

Finally, ‘detoxifying’ or cleansing with ZeoActiv8 is much less expensive than using classic chelating agents. Traditional chelation is done in a series of intravenous treatments. Just one of these sessions can cost more than ten weeks of a ZeoActiv8 course at a substantial prescribed dosage.

How can ZeoActiv8 remove toxic metals such as lead and mercury but not healthy ones such as calcium and magnesium?
Zeolite's ability to attract and bind different substances is based on the size, shape, and electrical configuration of its molecular cages. Zeolite's greatest affinity is thought to be with heavy denser metals, especially mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic which carry higher positive charges. Read about zeolite’s cation exchange capacity. <cations>

Lighter metals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous have larger ions, and so their affinity to zeolite’s negative charge in order of magnitude is much less. Zeolite introduces minerals such as calcium, magnesium sodium and phosphorous which are available for the body to utilise.

Does it remove toxins that are not positively charged?
No, although most heavy metals are positively charged, some other dangerous toxins are not. Further tests are being conducted, but world-wide concern just now is concentrating focuses on heavy metals and other toxins that may carry a positive charge..

Since ZeoActiv8 removes foreign metal ions from the body, can it attack dental fillings, hip replacements, or breast implants?
The mechanism by which ZeoActiv8 removes free floating unwelcome pollutants from the body is entirely inert. The positive cations and particles are passively drawn into the zeolite There is no evidence (or reported cases that we know about) that zeolite will attack and detach molecules or cations from any prostheses, teeth fillings or other metal or cosmetic pieces used in any medical procedure.

ZeoActiv8 will absorb any mercury that is released slowly from teeth fillings or released from any other metal parts within the body.

Is ZeoActiv8 a medication or a drug?
It is neither. ZeoActiv8 is a natural mineral supplement to assist the body expelling particles that are positively charged. Zeolite is now being researched by numerous medical and clinical researchers and industrial chemists. A number of their findings are set out in our safety and toxicology report which we have painstakingly put together and which is subject to copy write. Click here to view <NER report>.

We have been told ZeoActiv8 can cure cancer?
No one can make that claim and Natural Extracts does not make such a claim.

Although there are a number of research groups who have presented anecdotal evidence that zeolite may be involved in the reduction of the symptoms of caner there have been no double blind trials that are medically required by world health authorities to establish such a claim.

ZeoActiv8, by acting as a chelating agent, reduces the toxic burden that affects the immune and central nervous systems thereby allowing the body’s own defences to better battle cancer and other diseases.

ZeoActiv8 is not approved as a drug nor is it a pharmaceutical substance, and so no claim can be made that it cures, treats, or prevents cancer or any other disease. It would be illegal to do so as well as irresponsible on the basis of the small studies that have been done to date. More trials are being conducted and we hope to be able to report on continuing worldwide research. It is hoped that these trials will lead to accredited claims in the future

Does ZeoActiv8 kill viruses?
No. It will help promote a healthy immune and central nervous systems which will assist the antibiotics to do the job they were designed for. Read <User Information>.

Why is it important to maintain proper pH balance?
Because bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses—as well as diseases such as cancer – thrive in an acidic environment, acidic pH levels of 6.9 and below are very conducive to disease. The optimum pH of your body should be slightly alkaline – between 7.25 and 7.4 – which is the level that ZeoActiv8 tends to assist the body to establish and maintain. Read <User Information>.

Zeolite contains Aluminium. Could this potentially be harmful?
No. The aluminium content is very strongly bonded into the cage-like structure of the zeolite, and so is biologically unavailable and non-exchangeable to the body. Click <structure> for an explanation of how and why the aluminium is locked up.

However any free un-bonded aluminium cations that do come into the body would be absorbed into the cages of the zeolite and then be expelled from the body naturally.

Does ZeoActiv8 affect liver function?
By reducing the body's toxic load, any reduction in pollutants would be helpful to liver functions. It is what chelation is all about.


Does ZeoActiv8 need refrigeration after the bottle is opened?
No. Keep the cap on and store in a cool dry place, preferably below 18 degrees fahrenheight out of direct sunlight. Shelf life is 2 years.


Please Note:

There are no disclaimers here

All comments and information is built upon solid substantiated fact or results coming in from our constant research and clinical trials and from our many users and health care professionals.

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