Science And Safety

Natural Extracts has conducted many tests over the life of all our products to not only ensure that they are safe and each batch maintains its quality but that they are also effective. We also try to gather as much information as possible on the ingredients utilised in the products and their safety and toxicology within the body.

Where applicable we will present the results and explain what they mean. For those with a scientific, medical or pharmaceutical background, these explanations will probably be fairly simplistic but the vast majority who contact us have expressed their appreciation that we have taken this course.

Set out in this section is a 16 page paper which refers to the HERA report and details a number of tests and abstracts from 40 different scientific published papers or journals in relation to zeolite, its safety and its observed effects. The small number in the square brackets alongside each entry is the entry number on our master reference list within our scientific compendium. 

We have also included a summary of the tests we have undertaken. Some copies of these will be placed on this web site. Unfortunately many of them need to be interpreted as in their raw reported form the scientific data is difficult to display and understand. However we will endeavour to do so.

Submicronisation explains the mining process, particle size, why sub-micronisation make the zeolite far more effective and images of the zeolite both before and after the sub-micronisation process.

Science Toxicology & Safety outlines the huge amount of work Natural Extracts Research ('NER') has complied in its scientific compendium which contains over 1,600 pages.

On Going Research describes the various tests already carried out, or being carried out, by the CSIRO, Australia's premier scientific research organisation and other third parties.

Manufacture explains the production, cleansing and manufacturing proceedures and processes.

Summary of Science Reports lists some of the internationally recognised safety tests and bacterial assays already completed in relation to our premier zeolite product, Zeoactiv8.