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The Library

In our library, there over 300 articles and scientific research papers on Zeolite's ability in medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary applications to cure a or improve the outcome of many different diseases. We add to the library ever year.


Competitor Rhetoric

Natural Extracts Australia Pty. Ltd. (‘NEA’) is an all Australian company specialising in natural pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and industrial products. NEA has been producing ZeoActiv8™ using Australian Zeolite (see Why Australian Zeolite) since 2007.

It is available to medical practitioners, naturopaths and health care professionals, and is prepared to a careful scientific formulation.

Our products have been quickly accepted by the Australian market with an increasing number of users who have switched to ZeoActiv8™ from other brands. Unfortunately this brand change has led to a concerted campaign of misinformation from some local distributors and our overseas, embedded competitors (some of which are MLM’s).

Still as they say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and the viral marketing methods that have been used to attack our Australian product have actually been beneficial in increasing our brand ...(read more)


Ongoing Research

We are assisting a number of clinics and individual health care professionals to conduct medical and clinical trials. Some are under way or planned.

These will determine how the many purification, carrying, and distributing properties of ZeoActiv8™ can be of benefit in human health and nutrition.

Natural Extracts Research Pty. Ltd. is supporting this research by making ZeoActiv8™ available as a primary source of zeolite for human use. We are also staying up-to-date with medical research developments overseas... (read more)


Chemical Analysis

Zeolite Chemical Analysis [testing analysis carried out by the CSIRO] ... (read more)


Safety and Toxicology Reports

One of the most important pieces of information for both the medical practitioners, their patients and all other users, is to know that the product is safe and non-toxic.

In this document we have presented numerous studies and abstracts from research papers that show that the active ingredient is safe and non-toxic. In fact after reading the information contained herein, it would appear that the product is actually beneficial to the body. The document is restricted but may be made available upon written request.


General User Information

This document is a summary about the product, about health in general and the interrelationship between what we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the environment we live in.

These four factors determine our health. The statements below have been compiled on behalf of the Company by research consultants and from actual experience and discussions with medical practitioners, naturopath's and other health care professionals and their patients... (read more)


Benefit of Using Natural Australia Sub-micronised Zeolite in in Animal Feed

This document details the benefits of using Natural Australian Sub-Micronized Zeolite to animal feed as an alternative to Sodium Bentonite. The benefit of adding natural minerals to animal feed formulations are primarily the result of the mineral's Cation-Exchange Capacity (CEC)...(read more)