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Advanced optimum health care for pets.

An all new health preparation you can add to food, water or administer directly, to help deliver nutritional benefits on-target to enhance their bio-availability.

ZEO VET-TOX™ - Advanced Health Care for Pets

ZEO VET-TOX™ contains zeolite, a naturally occurring volcanic ash which can:

  • Absorb harmful heavy metals from the body
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Help balance pH levels
  • Promote long term health and well-being
  • Assist with premature aging concerns
  • Is natural and non-toxic - passes safely out of the body

Zeolite is best described as a 'chelating' or cleansing agent.

In this case a negatively charged honeycomb structure, which can attract and electro-chemically bond with toxic minerals and metals such as lead, copper, aluminium, cadmium, mercury, nickel and arsenic for safe, natural removal from the body.

As a food additive, ZEO VET-TOX™ can assist in delivering advantageous nutrients and minerals to the body and make them more readily 'bioavailable' and at the same time help eliminate harmful others.

Just a few drops in water or food is recommended. See product labels for suggestions.

Additional information can be found in our Library regarding the benefits of using Natural Australian Sub Micronized Zeolite in Animal Feeds.


Ask the Vet

In 1993, Dr Ross Perry became Australia's first registered bird specialist by International Examination in Caged and Aviary Bird Health. Dr. Perry has nearly forty years experience as a Vet studying, caring for and treating birds, as well as various other pets and Australian wildlife.

He is internationally renowned for his discovery, description and naming of multiple diseases of birds.

Dr. Perry has been a endorser and supporter of ZeoVetTox™ and for many years has used our product in his practice and prescribing for his patients.

Dr. Perry is available for consultation via Skype and phone.

You can learn more about Dr Ross Perry's credentials and achievements by clicking here.

What is far more important is how he can help you and the animals you love and care for.

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