The testimonials you will read have not been solicited but were sent to us by physicians and patients alike that used ZeoActiv8 or another Natural Extracts Australia Zeolite product. ZeoActiv8 and our other Zeolite products have not been evaluated by the TGA or FDA in regards to the treatment of disease or illness.

A Chronological Journal from Roger H:

July 2007

"I noticed a lump on the back of my hand, which was quite sore and would not heal. After visiting my Doctor I was advised that it was an infection and a course of antibiotics was prescribed, however the lump continued to grow rapidly over the following two weeks.

"Four weeks later I consulted a second medical opinion as the lump was now the size of a 50cent piece and raised-up like a carbuncle. I was then given the news that I was suffering from a Squamous Cell cancer, already at stage 3 and moving rapidly to stage 4. This was reinforced with his professional advice that if I did not undergo immediate surgery I would be dead by February 2008.

"Surgery would include cutting out the tumor and patching it with a skin graft from my buttock area. A friend of mine had recently experienced the same condition on his forehead and a similar operation had gone horrible wrong, so I looked for alternatives. By now the pain in my hand, arms and bones was bringing tears to my eyes and the lump was very red, raised and with hard edges."

September 2007

"I then began researching alternative possible treatments and discovered zeoactiv8, commencing with 80-90 drops per day , along with cellfood, spiralina and flax seed oil.. Within two weeks I found that the pain was lessening and I could write again, the redness of the tumor was fading and the hard edges began to soften.

"By October 2007 the lump began to leak around the edges and become flaccid, eventually wobbling when I moved my hand. At this stage I was able to actually lift the tumor out of my flesh leaving a gaping hole. There was no pain involved in removing the lump, though I did feel the sensation of ‘threads’ being stretched and snapped in the process. My surgeon advised that the wound would never heal but after 5 weeks the hole was almost completely closed over.

"It is now March 2008 and my body weight has improved from 47.4 Kg to 62Kg. My pre-condition weight was 67Kg. I have to look very closely to identify where the tumor was and I have never felt better.

"The tumor I have stored in a glass jar in the freezer – safely out of harms way."

Roger H.
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For the last 4 months I have been using ZeoActiv8™ to reduce my blood heavy metal levels after 15 years of living in Tokyo. The results have been excellent, in particular my mercury levels have reduced from 356ppm to 24ppm.

Matt A.
Financial Consultant

Hi Anthony

Please find attached the three hair mineral analyses for your viewing. The first one was done 11 months before starting work in a gold mine. The second was 2 months after working in the gold mine and where I wasn't taking any zeolite. The last one was taken recently and I've been built up to 20-25 drops 1-2 times per day at work (2 out of every 3 weeks) for the last six months.

Unfortunately it's hard for me to avoid drinking water from plastics as that's what my esky-type 5L water bottle is made from. Fortunately I'm in the process of moving on so am focused on making plastics a think of the past with regards to water. Wisely, I'm taking your ZeoActiv8 so hopefully the xeno-oestrogens are being removed. I don't know how to test for these though.
Hope you are outstandingly well and I'll catch you later. Kind regards,

Barnard G


I have had Herpes for 30 years. I started taking ZeoActiv8™ in a prescribed regimen and it appears to have cleared up, which is bloody amazing !

I cannot begin to tell you what a relief it is to be herpes free after all these years and cannot thank you and your product enough. Truly amazing !

Warmest regards from Bali.

John B.


I feel much better since beginning the Zeolite drops, in fact , fantastically well, and my energy is back, my power is back and, that cloud of unwell-ness has gone.

My diet no longer includes rice, pasta , potatoes, bread, dairy, biscuits or pumpkin (although I did cheat once or twice) and nearly no chocolate.

I eat plenty of avocados , nuts, fruit [not dried]. I do need to drink even more water than I already am, and I try to keep active around the farm , but I don't go to the Gym.

My weight is now 89 kilos and consistent at that. My target weight is 88 kilos, down from 98 kilos so the clothes are fitting great.

Thank you to David and yourself for your help and guidance.

Len C


In June 2005, Peter was diagnosed with Thymatic Carcinoid Malignant conditions. He commenced upon a program of Carboplatin & Etoposide, then 2 cycles of Chemotherapy, all to no measurable effect. Peter then visited his regular Physician for further advice and to confirm the above. He was then informed that he suffered from Epithetical Thymoma, and a quite rare form of cancer.

Radio Therapy was offered, but Professional Medical opinion was that the tumor was too close to the heart, actually placed between the lung and the chest wall. In-operable, but not as immediately life threatening, such as liver or brain cancer.

Peter was then referred to Palliative Care with possible directional suggestions for inflammation, pain management and relief. His advised life expectancy was then 3 months. Peter also looked at Other Research. By this time Peter was very debilitated and atrophied.

Rather than make that choice for Chemo, at a success rate of 85% for studied trials, and un-conclusive results for his condition, with possible side-affects, such as suppression to the natural immune system & possible future debilitating infections, which would need possible hospitalisation for intravenous antibiotic injections, he decided NO.

Peter Began taking ‘Zeoactiv8’ December 19th 2007. Since then his pro-active business life has grown from just 30 minutes before necessary resting periods. By the end of January 2008 his working day was 5 hours per day, and now 8 hours per day.

He states, "By the end of January 2008, I noticed that my energy levels had increased, as well as my feeling of wellness”. “ I was able to play 9 holes of golf without discomfort.. I also walk 3-4 kilometres without noticeable fatigue, even up very steep hills’ almost everyday to reclaim my vigour.. “I am even helping my neighbours now, with a building project on weekends – which perhaps requires more muscle than I have recovered just now, but my stamina and new faith in the future is building with my new health. I have also put on gainful weight as it was a real medical concern for me, being almost force-fed to stabilise my condition and ability to‘fight’ my condition. I am not sure that I am in a ‘cure’ condition just yet, but Zeoactiv8 has certainly prolonged my life expectancy for now."

Latest Update:
February 22nd Peter was advised by his Doctor after looking at recent cat scans to come back and see him not before September, 2008 and “Whatever you are taking, keep taking it”.

Peter F