Particle Size

The sub-micronisation of our zeolite means that the zeolite has a huge surface area to better absorb as many positively charged particles as possible. It does this very effectively. Every batch is tested for particle size before being processed into ZeoActiv8TM

Particle Shape

We have available five photos of our zeolite showing the rounded shaped particles so associated with clinoptilolite. These photos are at various magnifications from 90X up to 4,400X and were taken by the CSIRO, Australia’s premier scientific body.

Production Process

The ore is mined, crushed and then processed down to the required size to be able to enter the second stage of production The hi-tech crushing facilities have been purpose designed and built, have state of the art processing and filtration capabilities utilising the latest air induction technology so that no dust or other particles are released into the air making the wearing of face masks unnecessary. No vermin or other contaminants can infiltrate the equipment or be introduced into the production process, thus maintaining the raw ore’s organic purity.

Natural Extracts Australia Pty. Ltd. (NEA) uses the superior zeolite in its products and ZeoActiv8TM will be the only product currently using this Australian zeolite. The ore is first processed at the mine into differing grades. Only one grade is produced as a superior product available for human use and is now down to about forty microns.

To achieve the required the particle size for ZeoActiv8TM, the zeolite is further processed using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Our proprietary process reduces the material to sub micronised particle size. Each processed batch is then measured, inspected and tested for consistent quality and particle size. Refer submicronisation for further information. The zeolite is then ready to be put through the cleaning activation processes.

Samples are then sent off testing laboratories to be analysed for their percentage mineral content. This testing is compulsory for every batch of new raw material processed.

The Cleansing Process

This process is proprietary information licenced to NEA by its own research company. The zeolite is activated (cleansed using natural solutions to wash out pre-existing particles ) which increases its negative charge. It is then mixed and flushed with triple filtered pure water and other natural ingredients to produce a unique natural liquid product containing thousands of zeolite particles, all held in suspension.

Because of the purity of the raw materials used in ZeoActiv8TM, it is not necessary for it to be heated. Heating could melt the minerals within the zeolite structure slowly reducing it to a sludge, eliminating the negative charge and destroying the delicate honeycomb cage structure.

ZeoActiv8TM, is not mixed or cleansed with any acids which obviously could chemically combine with the metals and other minerals within the zeolite. Acid would also tend to change the molecular structure and render it no longer to be able to be called a ‘natural product’.

Any use of acids could also leave residues of differing compounds which would require further cleansing processes to be removed. As the acids of the stomach are strong enough in their own right it is considered that pre-treating with acid before the material enters the body may be very detrimental to its ability to effectively attract positive charged particles and hold them within its cage like structure. 

If the structure of the zeolite is altered in any way its effectiveness can be completely comprised. It needs the honeycomb structure to remain intact so that it is able to trap the positive charged particles that are in the digestive system. If the Zeolite was reduced to a liquid without any cage structure it could not trap any particles and remove them.

Manufacturing Process

All our products manufactured by NEA are formulated from the purest sourced ingredients which are tested upon receipt against the supplier’s specifications and mixed under stringent GMP protocols and conditions required by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the EPA in the United States. NER as manufacturer, is required to hold registration certification that it also follows protocols required by ISO 9001:2000. All new formulations of products are challenge tested and are micro/stability tested for each production run.

All our products are made strictly under GMP conditions in a licenced, approved ISO 9001 manufacturing facility as mineral supplements. Every batch of any of our zeolite containing products are tested and checked for particle size and purity by our own laboratory and by an independent laboratory.

The manufacturer also has a registered research and development facility which holds permanent research and development licenses from both Australian, State and Federal Governments. To retain these licenses, it is subject to ongoing, various, independent audits.

Additionally there are audits for all production facilities throughout Australia that are part of the normal, quality compliance standards and regulations required by all major, multi-nationals and pharmaceutical groups. All manufacturers must meet these standards and regulations, and pass all audits to enable them to retain their accreditation status.

Each batch manufactured is tested for impurities by our own laboratory and by an independent analytical laboratory of one of our premier universities. All Australian ingredients are used in ZeoActiv8TM and the product has been wholly manufactured within Australia.

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